Bearing in mind your comfort, we meet the expectations and offer something that has never been done before: TIX 50/50. Do you want to be a full-time participant of the Summer Contrast Festival 2023, but you can't pay for the entire ticket in advance? This year you have the opportunity to purchase 5-day passes, paying for them in two parts 50/50.

See below how the entire buying process will look like:

  1. Add a 5-day pass (with the option of paying in two parts) to your basket
  2. After completing the payment for the first part of the ticket, you can make the next payment for the 5-day pass by April 15, 2023 at the latest. We will send you two emails to remind you of the upcoming payment deadline before the due date is approaching.

After making the first payment, in the amount of PLN 304, you will receive a one-day ticket, valid on July 23, 2023. After paying for the next part of the pass, the previously received ticket for July 23, 2023 will cease to be active. The most recent ticket (the last issued one) will be eligible to enter the festival area. To purchase the second part of the ticket, i.e. pay off the second installment, use the code from the first ticket.

Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions